November 17, 2020

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“What’s New?” Is What’s New

“What’s New?” Is What’s New

Our new feature is the ability to show you the newest features! How meta!

To keep everyone apprised of updates to School Desk, the app includes a “What’s New?” notification badge that will bring you to the latest and greatest news on this blog.

I’ll announce big changes to School Desk that are noteworthy to users. Don’t expect me to spam you with trivial updates. I suspect you don’t have time to read about trivialities and, truthfully, I don’t have time to write about them.

After clicking “What’s New?,” the notification will disappear from the user interface until I have something else worth sharing with you.

If you really don’t like being notified about app changes, that’s no problem! You can toggle off the notifications feature on the “Settings” page.

I hope that this method of communicating will delight you with new little gifts from School Desk as you use it. 🎁