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It’s Your School

Built for Your Homeschool

All of your course information for each school year is kept in a format that is tailor-made for schools like yours.

You can avoid spreadsheets and cobbling together a system. School Desk gives you the information you need so you can focus on your school instead of your tools.

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Your Task List at the Ready

What do you have to do for school today?

With School Desk’s automatic schedule building, you can see immediately what needs to happen today, tomorrow, or any day in your school year.

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Elease L from Maryland

“School Desk is the simple solution that I was looking for. I’ve tried other apps that overwhelmed me with unnecessary features. Here, I can easily manage all of my kids’ tasks   and make sure we’re on track.”

Elease L.
From Maryland


  • Unlimited Students
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  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Courses
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