December 24, 2020

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Help Getting Started

Help Getting Started

If you’re a new School Desk user, I want your first experience to be a great one! Once you sign up with School Desk, the app will guide you and introduce you to the important types of data that you’ll need to be successful with planning with School Desk.

Why do this? I’m certain that most users will have no trouble with School Desk, but even a great tool can benefit you by providing helpful context.

Online homeschool planners are different from each other. I know because I took the time to study what’s available. Maybe the last planner you used had different terms to describe similar ideas. Maybe the planner was radically different from School Desk’s flow.

Alternatively, you may be new to online homeschool planners. If that’s you, I want to help you get your bearings as fast as possible and make your planning experience be a joy to do.

Like the start to a good book, an online service should have an introduction to get you comfortable and familiar with what’s happening. That’s why I created a flow that will create your first critical elements like your school year, a grade level, and a course to introduce you to the way School Desk runs.

If you sign up for School Desk, I hope you feel right at home. If that doesn’t happen, I’d love to hear from you and see how we can make starting out even easier.