September 24, 2021

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Breaks Per Student

Breaks Per Student

School breaks can now be set for individual students in a school! This is a change from the classic handling of school breaks that applied school breaks to all students unconditionally.

When our family takes breaks from school, we usually have both of our kids on break. This makes perfect sense for breaks like Christmas vacation, but having everyone on break at the same time isn’t always what we want.

Sometimes my kids have different schedules and activities. With the older version of School Desk, we had no choice but to treat a school break as all or nothing for the school. I’d imagine this would be even harder for families with many children beyond my two, especially if there is a large age spread.

Now, on the school break form, you’ll find the ability to select which students will be on break. This is perfect for when you have conflicting schedules and want to see an accurate view of your school week in School Desk.

By default, School Desk will assume that all students should be on break, but if you want to make a break more specific, you can uncheck a student that should still have school on a particular day.

I’m still working every week to make School Desk a better tool for my family and yours. If you’ve got other ideas or feedback, don’t hestitate to reach out!