September 3, 2022

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Teacher Checklists

Teacher Checklists

School Desk is great for showing what your students need to do for the week, but what about what you need to do? You now have access to a teacher checklist to help you track tasks for the week.

In time for your new school year, School Desk includes printable checklists for teachers. From the week page, you’ll see a new button for “Teacher Checklist” that will take you to a new page. This new page shows a list view of all of your students’ activities for the week. You can print this page to record any special notes for yourself.

If you don’t want to see all the courses on the checklist, then click the “Edit” pencil icon by the title. On this edit page, you can exclude courses from the checklist by unchecking the courses that you want to hide.

School Desk features are added slowly and deliberately. I strive to keep this service simple and manageable for families. If you enjoy this simplicity, would you share School Desk with your homeschooling friends (or family)? No one is a better advocate than a happy user, and I’d love for School Desk to reach more homeschooling families like yours.

Thanks to Amie for this feature suggestion! If you have feature suggestions yourself, feel free to contact me via the support email address.