April 30, 2022

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Year-End Bundle

Year-End Bundle

At long last, I have finished the year-end PDF bundle. This new feature brings all of your school year activities into a single package. The bundle includes PDF reports of all the tasks that each of your students did in a school year and a lot more!

In the bundle, you’ll get PDF reports of all the reports that are currently available to you on the Reports page. This includes

  • The attendance report for each student
  • The progress report for each student
  • A list of resources for each student
  • A list of completed tasks for each student

My hope is the bundle makes finishing out your year a joy. No more wasted time collecting all the evidence you need to show your local goverment that you taught your students. All of that is pulled together for you into a convenient zip file.

You can find this new feature of your Reports page. Enjoy!