Help Documentation

Welcome to School Desk’s help documentation. The documentation is intended to serve you, so if you don’t find the answer to your issue, please contact support!

What Does School Desk Do?

School Desk is an online homeschool planner. The application is designed with simplicity in mind. We don’t plan to put every feature under the sun into the app.

At the core, School Desk will automatically build your homeschool schedule based on the courses and tasks that you need for your students.

The idea is simple: you tell us about your courses and when you want them to run, and School Desk figures out the rest.

The application tracks your students’ progress on their journey through the school year. Additionally, School Desk can track grades, produce progress reports, and other materials that you may need to report to your local government as a homeschooling family.


School Desk is focused on your homeschool and your students. Our mission is to remove the management burden of scheduling, so that you get to focus on the more important work of teaching your students instead.

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How Does School Desk Stack Up?

How does School Desk compare to other online homeschool planners? I want to offer a fair comparison to other tools, so you can decide if School Desk is a good fit for you.