Frequently Asked Questions

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What Does “Automatic Schedule Building” Mean?

When we say that School Desk builds your schedule automatically, we should clarify. As much as it would be amazing for a tool to understand your homeschool and completely build a course curriculum for you, that’s not really feasible.

What School Desk can do is determine all the appropriate dates for your school work after you provide some information.

What does that look like?

  • You tell School Desk what tasks students need to complete for a course.

  • You let School Desk know what days of the week you want your courses to run.

  • School Desk takes all of those tasks and the desired school days and builds a schedule that is tailored for each of your students.

  • As your students complete work, the automated schedule adapts to tasks that you mark as complete.

With this approach, you can use the daily or weekly views of your homeschool’s tasks to know what your students need to work on each day.

What Happens When I Fall Behind In Tracking Tasks?

Any tasks that your students do not complete in a week will push to the next week automatically. But there will be times where your students did the work, and you didn’t get a chance to get into School Desk and mark the tasks as complete. If tasks automatically roll forward, how do you go back and set things as completed in the past?

School Desk has two ways to set tasks as completed in the past:

  1. The daily view can fill in past activity. When you look at a past date in the app, School Desk will try to fill in the next available task for each course if no task is marked as complete for that date. This gives you the ability to go back in time and walk through each day where you did not set any tasks as complete.

  2. You can also set a task by visiting the student’s course page that tracks their progress (this page is accessible by clicking a course name on the weekly or daily view). From this list of tasks, select the calendar icon for the task that you want to set. On the following page, you can set the date when your student completed the task.

How Do I Cancel My Account?

If your account is a trial, you don’t need to do anything. We don’t charge users for trying School Desk! Your trial will expire, and you can activate the account later if you change your mind.

If you have an active paid account and would like to discontinue using School Desk, please visit your Settings page.

From your Settings page, you can manage your billing information with Stripe where you can cancel your account. You will continue to have access to School Desk for the remainder of your paid subscription period.