January 18, 2021

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Here to Help

Here to Help

Where do you go when you want to learn more about School Desk? Now, we have an answer. The School Desk documentation is your destination for learning about the app.

I want the app to be so simple that you don’t need a manual. If you haven’t tried it out yet, sign up for a trial to give it a shot! Sometimes, though, we want to learn things that playing with the app can’t teach well. That’s where the documentation fits in.

The documentation aims to provide rich context that you may want when considering if School Desk is right for you.

  • How does School Desk compare to other online homeschool planners?
  • What are the Frequently Asked Questions that other users ask?
  • How can I understand how the app works and what terminology School Desk uses?

These are the kinds of questions that the documentation tries to answer. Please let me know if there are other areas that you think the documentation should cover to help you have a better experience using the tool.

Happy reading!